Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ottawa Luminère Festival a Night of Magic Light

I find having a camera gives me an opportunity to see things that I don’t normally see, especially in your own hometown.

Last weekend evening, I attended the Luminère Festival in Stanley Park, which is in the New Edinburgh area of Ottawa.

They state on their site “… a chance to celebrate the magic and beauty of light!” and is this not a photographer’s perfect dream.

There is about a 3/4 km pathway right along the river with hundreds of coloured paper bags and handmade tissue-paper objects that are illuminated by candle light.

At one place along the path, they exhibited several groupings of Chinese paper umbrellas lit underneath and around by candles in boxes.

There were also a large 6 foot high rainbow

A train and station

At the main attraction was 1000 or more brown lunch-box size paper bags that formed a spiral pattern on the infield of the baseball diamond.

There were paper stars, boxes and globes that held lit candles as was for sale.

paper lanterns

There were dancers from many eastern countries performing elaborate routines

And acrobats hanging from trees.

What a magical night

Niels Henriksen


Rob Huntley said...

A few very nice images here Niels. I especially like the grouping of yellow paper umbrellas.

a blue eyed girl said...

your pics are simply lovely....wonderful blog!


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