Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hogs Back Fall - Ottawa

Photography, while visually documenting the landscape or action in front of you, does provide you with many opportunities to creatively interpret this scene.

The use of different shutter speeds has the ability to change the perception and the emotions of an event.

The use of faster shutter speeds (1/60s) above, captures some of the high action and drama of waterfalls.

A longer shutter speed (1/20s below) can change the same location to a place of contemplation and introspection.

Hogs Back Falls is part of a small gorge along the Rideau River within the city of Ottawa. There is public access with fencing to both sides of gorge. There is also a set of locks nearby for boaters to bypass these falls.
This looking south, towards the sluice gates that re visual in the far background.

In the Spring, when the Ottawa River is higher, this area is a raging torrent of water as the sluice gates are opened up to control rising water levels.
This photo is looking down the river towards downtown Ottawa.

With any place where there is water and pubic access, there is also the likelihood of finding people fishing.

Niels Henriksen

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