Wednesday, March 23, 2011

San Miguel de Allende - Part 1

Well, I have now been in San Miguel for 3 weeks and there has been some adjustment for a person who lives in the cold. But these are the foundations for good stories at least looking from the rear view mirror.

San Miguel is situated at 6,000 feet and therefore the heat from the direct sun is more intense. Even fully clothed it seems to go right through you. The air is thinner and very dry and while you don't seem to sweat you are still loosing a great amount of water.

It is so true what the say here at least for newbies. Drink lots of water and only walk on the shady side of the street.

San Miguel is a world heritage site and once here, it is quite evident why.

Most of the buildings have strong burnt orange and yellow painted exteriors. Here I wanted the tree shadows to add texture and more interest to the strong colors.

Some people are not afraid of strong colors as is shown by the blue exterior accented with yellow and green.

Just having images of colorful buildings after a while can be boring so having other context such as humans, animals of events create that focal interest as can be seen by the worker with his feet dangling out the window. Even his orange vest compliments the wall colors.

I only have my laptop with me and it's not color calibrated and by inherent design, have a strong contrast and high color temperature. It will be interesting to see how the look at home. I will redo the RAW on a color calibrated computer and compare them.

The Laser light show on the 'La Paroquia the dominant attraction in San Miguel de Allende and bordering 'Le Jardin', is quite vivid and interesting to watch. At one point they had vines growing up around the towers and spires.

And we mustn't forget the street dancers.

Scary but fun to watch. These night scenes were all shot at ISO 6400 and are only lit by yellow street lamps. It's therefore hard to extract any true colours.

Niels Henriksen

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