Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Fine Art Prints Series and Upcoming Print Exhibition

Fine Art Prints
A few months ago I printed 5 prints of a new series of my photographs.

'Fire Within'

Each photograph is printed in a series of 5, numbered, titled and signed.
The photographs were first printed 8”x10” on approx 6 different types of fine art matte papers to determine which paper best enhanced the features of the photo.

'Dancing Flames'

As with the photo above, which is high key, low contrast and soft in details, a heavier textured paper was used to add visual interest in the smoother areas.

'Bicycle and Orange Wall'

For the image above, a warmer and slightly smoother paper was used to help the yellow-orange glow  even more.
'Bare Trees and Fog'

For the tree photograph a brighter and cooler paper was used.
Please visit Niels Henriksen Artworks website for further details about any photograph shown here.
Each photograph is listed under the Fine Art Print tab.

Upcoming Print Exhibition
Next week on June 9th there will be a Vernissage at the Orange Gallery in Ottawa where Camera Club of Ottawa will show some of their members photos. I will have the above series at the gallery from June 8th to June 19.

'Boat in Grass on Beach'

This is a wonderful opportunity to see a great collection of photographs from many talented and varied photographers. As photographers, we should take the time to support our fellow artists and attend  their showing, if for nothing else but to enjoy photographs as they should be seen. Large and printed.

Niels Henriksen

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