Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pipes and Barrels and Rails

At least that is what the skateboarders and bikers call parts of the concrete pits that are build for them to play around.

If your are trying to capture some great action shots there is nothing better than visiting an outdoor facility that has been built for these kids and some adults to practice there extreme maneuvers.

This was shot while crouched down in one of the tubes with a little fill flash to lighten person against the bright background. I had used a larger f stop (f16) so that I could still see the wonderful texture in the sky, which gave a Shutter, speed of 1/250. This is ok when you can catch hem at the apex and therefore there is little motion and the z bit of flash helps to freeze motion a bit even more

The teenagers were receptive when I asked I could capture some shots. I even think the shoed off a bit more.

I just love this shot of the person doing a 360° somersault. I wasn’t expecting such dramatic shots as I had not set the camera to rapid fire at first.

The skateboarder were mainly sticking to the barrel they had brought over to jump and the bikers were in the pipes.

Occasionally a boarder would head into the pipes.

I experimented around with a fee ‘artsy’ shots with slower shuitter speed and a bit of panning

A few more shots to round out the set

Over the top

and just cruising

Sometimes the boarder and board go in different directions.

Afterward I gave them my business card and told then that I would post some fo the photos on the web so that could look at them. There were quite exited by this as they normally don’t have any shots of them playing around.

Niels Henriksen

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Statues and the 3 lucky Leaves

The other day I was out shooting photos of statues for this month’s theme, a competition that my brother, who is in Denmark, and I have. I decided the best place is to head out around the parliament buildings in Ottawa.

At the end of shooting as I was walking down one of the paths, I came across some bushes that has delicate clusters of white flowers. While shooting several shots of these I noticed these 3 leaves that were backlit with great dabbled light, dark background and I just enjoyed the texture and patterns created and also that the branch at bottom almost created a mirror image with the other leaves.

These are the white clusters of flowers that at first attracted my attention. One day I will learn the names of all the plants I photograph.

Now as for the statues here are a few of those shots.

A couple sitting on a bench in front of the National Archives Building

A dancing group at the end of Sparks Street.

The statue on top of the War Memorial of Elgin St.

And One of my favorites

4 men on a beam besides the National Arts Centre.

I hope you enjoyed the walk-about

Niels Henriksen

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Street Photography (People)

In my previous Blog I stated that I had several hours to hang around while waiting for nightfall in the market. This gave me an opportunity to walk around and to photograph the unique charms of people on the street. The Ottawa Byward market is a busy tourist area and therefore attracts a diverse group of people. The more interesting people are those on the fringes of society.

When photographing street people, unless you are trying to steal a candid shot, it is always advisable to try and engage the person if possible.

I always carry change around so if the opportunity arises, I can provide coinage to help out, if they are begging or entertaining on the street.

This is a photo of a man sitting in the outdoor portion of a local bar, who seems to have a form of muscular disability and sits in a wheelchair. I was struck by the wonderful smile and a look of enjoying life on his face. I asked if he would mind if I took a few shots and he kindly obliged.

I learned later that his name was Ron and was a regular to the tavern. A week later I printed an 8x10 photo and had it framed and I took it back to the tavern to give to him. He was not there at this time and the barman, who knew Ron, said he would give it to him when he saw him again and placed it on the back shelf.

There were others taking photos on the street and I captured a shot of this person taking a photo of a street musician. We struck up a good conversation later on and at this point another photographer, who was doing a web project of 25 People a Day, took our photos.

This was a stolen shot of a person watching the same musician.

and this is the musician that they all were interested in.

I came across this man smoking a cigar in his bright orange plumage and I could not resist the shot, as he was juxtapositioned against the signage ‘Complet” which is french for 'Full'.

Later on I came across this pair who were slightly inebriated and who had made some disparaging remakes when they saw me with my camera as they were routing through the garbage bins on the sidewalk.

I said “ are you pretending to give me a hard time?” and they laughed. This seemed to alleviate any possible friction and we struck up a small good hearted conversation. I asked if they would mind if I could photograph them and the also obliged.

There can be inherent dangers when you try to capture street people shots. This girl did not like that I took her photo and began a rapid verbal tirade using street language, before I could even discuss the photo, she then decided to spit on me. Not a big issue as it is easily cleanable, but you never know how some people might react and therefore be ready to understand your location and be careful if engaging a large crowd.

Niels Henriksen


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