Sunday, May 20, 2007

1933 Voiglander Bessa II

When it comes to photography and I guess most things in general I love technology when it helps me achieve my goals. That learning curve is something else, as initially there is hesitation and tiredness at having to learn once again something that I think I already know at least with older equipment.

That is why I love the simplicity of my old cameras, which I occasionally use. To take them of their display shelf, load the film and venture off are special moments.

My oldest is a 1933 Voiglander Bessa medium format 6x6 and 6x9 (which is the size I use most. It does get much simpler that this unless you are into pinhole cameras. All manual, no electronics or batteries to go wrong. Set the focal distance, f-stop, shutter speed and cock the shutter. Point and shoot.

There is something magical about its simplicity.

This is a photo of a group shot taken on a bright day with a large dynamic range.

A section (see red Box) has been cropped to show the detail you are able to capture on 6x9 format.

There are 2 pleasures form owning older cameras, one is looking and examining them in your hands, the other is taking very interesting photos. Take the time to scour Ebay or vintages stores and these can be acquired cheaply. Most large towns and cities still and process these films

Niels Henriksen

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