Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pipes and Barrels and Rails

At least that is what the skateboarders and bikers call parts of the concrete pits that are build for them to play around.

If your are trying to capture some great action shots there is nothing better than visiting an outdoor facility that has been built for these kids and some adults to practice there extreme maneuvers.

This was shot while crouched down in one of the tubes with a little fill flash to lighten person against the bright background. I had used a larger f stop (f16) so that I could still see the wonderful texture in the sky, which gave a Shutter, speed of 1/250. This is ok when you can catch hem at the apex and therefore there is little motion and the z bit of flash helps to freeze motion a bit even more

The teenagers were receptive when I asked I could capture some shots. I even think the shoed off a bit more.

I just love this shot of the person doing a 360° somersault. I wasn’t expecting such dramatic shots as I had not set the camera to rapid fire at first.

The skateboarder were mainly sticking to the barrel they had brought over to jump and the bikers were in the pipes.

Occasionally a boarder would head into the pipes.

I experimented around with a fee ‘artsy’ shots with slower shuitter speed and a bit of panning

A few more shots to round out the set

Over the top

and just cruising

Sometimes the boarder and board go in different directions.

Afterward I gave them my business card and told then that I would post some fo the photos on the web so that could look at them. There were quite exited by this as they normally don’t have any shots of them playing around.

Niels Henriksen

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