Saturday, July 21, 2007

Statues and the 3 lucky Leaves

The other day I was out shooting photos of statues for this month’s theme, a competition that my brother, who is in Denmark, and I have. I decided the best place is to head out around the parliament buildings in Ottawa.

At the end of shooting as I was walking down one of the paths, I came across some bushes that has delicate clusters of white flowers. While shooting several shots of these I noticed these 3 leaves that were backlit with great dabbled light, dark background and I just enjoyed the texture and patterns created and also that the branch at bottom almost created a mirror image with the other leaves.

These are the white clusters of flowers that at first attracted my attention. One day I will learn the names of all the plants I photograph.

Now as for the statues here are a few of those shots.

A couple sitting on a bench in front of the National Archives Building

A dancing group at the end of Sparks Street.

The statue on top of the War Memorial of Elgin St.

And One of my favorites

4 men on a beam besides the National Arts Centre.

I hope you enjoyed the walk-about

Niels Henriksen

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