Monday, November 17, 2008

My 8GB Walk-about

That’s correct, the distance is measured in giga bytes, not miles or kilometres even though I walked for a 4-hour period. It is measured by the amount of memory that is loaded in the camera.

One windy but dry afternoon, things were quiet at my sisters’ place in Denmark and I decided to head out along the shoreline of Nykobing Mors. This city is located on an island, which is surrounded by a sea and all of this is located within the mainland peninsula of Jutland. On the southern part of the bay, see map below, the shoreline being mostly sand, is easily accessible and there are large tracks of treed and wild grass sections to roam about without being crowded by residential housing.

The yellow shows the route I travelled. At one point there was little room at the shore edge so I headed inwards for a bit and came back another route.

On a previous excursion further south I took the photo below and I knew that I wanted to explore this area towards the city.

As part of my walk-about I had predetermined that I was going to use up the entire 8GB of memory card, which to some of you would seem extreme but with 18MB per RAW file (D300), which is about 450 pictures. Still a good number.

With the short distance (3-5 km) to opposite shoreline across the sea, there would be good opportunities to get several long panoramic images, as my nephew had requested a B&W for his living room wall.

It always amazes me that when you are in a new location, how many photographic images seem to jump out at you from ever nook and cranny. Yet when I am in my home environment with similar settings (Ottawa has a river with rocky shoreline) it can seem ho-hum. There are finds but not at the same intensity. It must be the sense of adventure and the unknown that jump starts those creative juices and makes all things a wonderful discovery. Even when they might appear mundane to the locals.

The above image was darkened and de-saturated along the outer edges to dramatize the effect of a tunnel created by the trees and the path to water’s edge.

I wonder how many others walk through here and have the same sense of this place and can see it the way I see it.

I am breaking this series into 2 parts to show some of the different finds along the route and a 3rd article will just be about the panoramas.

Originally I had done this in colour. The red boat was set amongst the red-brown of the tall swamp grass and I emphasized the red and orange saturation and luminance. I find that the strong wind movement shows up in the better B&W version. I’ll show this colour at another time.

The bridge connecting the island of Mors to city of Skive on the mainland.

It is not hard to have fun when you have dramatic skies (underexposed a half a stop) like these and you are also outdoors doing landscapes.

There is a certain freedom to be gained, especially from your own judgement, when you know that during a certain period of time you must obtain a large number of images. There is just not enough time to second-guess yourself. Shoot what pleases the eye and you will be amazed at some of the good images you have in the collection.

Niels Henriksen


Paul said...

Man! 8 GB! I wouldn't want to wait for that thing to copy files to my computer! I did something similar, but only half of that. I spent some time with my Lensbaby and decided to fill up one 4GB card. It took a long time to copy and convert to DNG. A looooooooonnnnnnngggggg time. :-) Of course, I was using my crappy card reader, which is not USB 2.0.

You got some nice shots. I particularly like the boat and the grasses.

nielsp said...

Yes it does take a bit to download. While on the trip I backed up each card to a 40GB FastTraac storage device. The 16GB card took over night and I added a spare battery to connection just to ensure it did not die over night.

Niels Henriksen

Anita Jesse said...

Your way of measuring the distance covered on a walk made me smile. In the future, I think that I will appropriate your formula for describing trips. We may go on a 4 GB trip, or an 8 GB journey.


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