Friday, February 5, 2010

10 Great Photography Projects - Copy-Cat

Difficulty: hard to get every element the same.

This work involves copying and learning from another artist’s works. Not to claim it as your own but to learn, to really learn how the image was created. If possible find a photographer that inspires you and select a collection of images (5-10) that have a style, a theme or any focal interest that truly inspires you.

Copy them. Try and copy them perfectly if you can, so you almost can’t tell the difference.

The key here is to take notes, have a journal, to record the shoot and events around it.
Include some of the photos in your notes and mark these up with differences or parts that work and record why.  Normally it’s the lighting that causes the biggest discrepancies especially in the mid-tones and shadows. Sometimes it’s the camera and lens combination that make it hard to duplicate.

It may look easy to duplicate an image but it is a lot harder to get it right in all aspects.
If the photographer is still living, contact him or her to let them know of your desire to learn that style of photography. Don’t forget to inform them that no image will be displayed publicly or made available for distribution in any form.

Always respect copyright and when publishing your own photos do give recognition to where the ideas came from.

If you are photographing out doors, landscapes, then it can never be the same and sometimes if you love the Rockies and live in the Australian Outback well, good luck.

This year I will try and copy the style of one genre of photos by Michael J. Carl.
The images I came across are in the Silver Shotx  Folio 2009 magazine (page 17).

There are some really interesting photos in that edition. Get a copy and take a look.

I need summer time to get some images of Hostas as I can’t seem to find them under the snow right now.

The above images are not intentionally related but an attempt to show how one image of the Japanese gates could be related to the red poles of the Ottawa transit station if trying to achieve a red receding vertical pattern.

Niels Henriksen

Next Project - Digital Play


Fifi said...

Hi there... I am sure glad I came across your blog today!
For class I need to photograph a copycat ad. No photoshop is to be used. Yikes! As soon as the teacher said that.. I new I was in trouble.
Could you give me any advise as to what type of ad I should be looking for? Realizing after I read your post.. to stay away from outdoor ads etc.
Thank-You for having your blog and your advise.

Bye for now.. Fifi

Fifi said...

ooops.. sorry. I ment *knew I was in trouble..spelling error


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