Tuesday, February 16, 2010

10 Great Photography Projects - Get Your Rhythm Going

This project is about establishing a repeatable pattern in your photographic pursuit.
It can be from choice of lens, timing, theme, or any combination of other things. It’s really about setting numbers to your photograph work or approach.

Difficulty: Easy to Hard it all depends on how demanding you set your repeat factor and how obsessive you are about quality of every finished image.

The key to making this project easier is to recognize that for every large undertaking of work, not every part of the process is 100% perfect. That is why photographers take many photographs for the few that make the cut list.

A Year On This Spot

At first though you might think this would be very hard, just to photograph a spot. The key here is that you determine what ‘this spot’ means, It literally could be a tiny spot or a room or a backyard or a 1,000 ft radius somewhere.

Bumble Bee on flower

A Photo A Day

There are many photographers who have tried this and some still continue on.
This is one project I haven’t done, as I’m just not that disciplined. I tend to get sidetracked too easily. I imagine that it would first and foremost ensure that you are always carrying a camera and that just has to be a good thing. The other is that I think it would help you be freer and thereby find more enjoyment in just taking photos without any self-imposed stress. You see an object, you might have a thought and click, you have photographed it.

Kayak on Ottawa Canal

That's me, about 10 years ago kayaking on the Ottawa Canal. It was a beautiful day and I truly couldn’t be in the office.

The only thing close I have is the images I produce for this blog.

Digital Photography School has this article on tips on how to succeed with a photo a day for a year.

Photojojo has How to Take a Photo a Day and See Your Life in a Whole New Way

One of my blogging friends, Andreas Manessinger , if I remember correctly, has been doing a photo-a-day for almost 3 years now.

Share your links if this is what you are doing.

50 by 50 by 50 OR you pick the numbers

50 Days – 50 Photos at 50mm
Ooops, more than 50 I think.

Or pick any set of numbers that you think will work to give you a bit of a challenge.

A to Z or Numbers
For each letter and/or number select a theme or a subject that uses the letter to start words. These nouns, adjectives or verbs can be interpreted from the object itself, emotions, patterns, negative space, etc. If time permits, get numerous versions.
Might even be a good theme for a book (hint).

Every year, the Camera Club of Ottawa has a scavenger hunt photo gathering that is tremendous fun.

Normally, it is around the Alphabet and the organizer picks a work such as; Abstract, Bicycle…. Fast…Zebra lines, and we are given 2-3 hours to complete the list of 26 items.

Not every person gets completes the set and then during one of our member nights we show how people interpret the words. That in itself is a learning opportunity.

So either give yourself a short time (several hours) and see what happens over a longer period and make each high quality photograph. Why not both?

Have a friend make the list to really extend the challenge.


Zebra Stripes

Here’s a list I did once for my photo club. I wanted the photographer to work their imagination, at least for most of the words.

Abstract, Between, Chrome, Different, Empty, Fountain, Gate, Holdup, Iron Work, Jumble, Keyhole, Lantern, Musical, New, Overhang, Pastel, Quality, Rust, Smooth, Three, Up, Variegated, Wet, X marks the Spot, Yellow and Zebra Stripes

100 Random people

This is a prefect project for any of those who have difficulty photographing people whether portraits or street people. After 100 people are photographed, there should be no qualms about shooting people.

Man on Bench

Orange and more orange

You may have noticed that I am not really a people photographer. I recognize that this is a shortcoming as when needed I don’t have all the skills to ensure success every time. That is why this summer I will be photographing people mostly around Ottawa.

Niels Henriksen


オテモヤン said...
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Andreas said...

Almost three years? C'mon! Three and a half :)

And really, doing it was one of the best decisions I ever made. It gives you so much experience and confidence, and by forcing you to be constantly aware of where you are, it opens up worlds of photo opportunities. After a while it's not you who are constantly hunting images, it's they who hunt you :)

nielsp said...

Ooops! Time flies by too quickly and so does memory.

I guess I need a bigger hat now when I tip it to your great dedication.

I heard at 5 years they award you a bionic eye with a built in camera just to make life easier for the old-timers in photo-blogging.

I agree, this photo blogging as done the most to keep me actively engaged in what I enjoy. Otherwise my self doubt might start talking again.


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