Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Any Fans of the Photographic Artwork of Niels Henriksen

That is certainty a self serving title and its fraught with many definitions of term 'fans' but it is also a chance for me to understand something about my readership.
This blog is just a few members shy of 1200 subscribers. I'm very grateful that so many find the photographs and articles enjoyable. There are also those who arrive by way of search engines, but from this total group I wonder how many committed fans of my photography I have.

Taken in San Miguel de Allende

I take many photographs, photo-edit them and then display these on the web just like millions of others do. But as a photographer the biggest pleasure is actually seeing the photo printed on photographic paper and how the texture and tone of the paper support the artistic vision.
But out of the entire collection of photographs I capture per year, only about 5 -10 actually have that extra quality or uniqueness that compels me to print large, frame and mount on a wall for display.

These fine-art photographs, as I describe them, go through a process of printing them on heavy mate papers (approx 300gsm). Depending on the detail and tonal qualities of the photograph I will print smaller versions (8”x10') on a series from 4-8 different papers to determine which paper best suits the image. After several weeks of just looking at them in different light settings I will select a paper for the final version.

In this image I combined 2 photographs to make the composite above as I wanted the boy to appear that he was searching for his princess.

Each of these fine-art prints are printed in a small edition series, currently 5, and then titled, numbered and signed and then made available for sale either through my Art web site ' Niels Henriksen Artworks' and through galleries.

As part of my marketing strategy, periodically (approx 18months), I increase my prices to reflect the larger, albeit still small, demand for my photographic prints.

Prior to this increase in November, I am offering to readers of 'My Camera World' a 25% discount on the current price for a period of 7 days after print is posted on this blog.

All prints purchased from me come with an unconditional full refund guarantee.  If you don't like it for any reason you get a full refund.
This makes purchasing a print from me completely risk free.
Each print comes with with a Certificate of Provenance. See example below

Over the next 2 weeks I will post an article about each of these prints that articulate my vision and story behind the photographs.

I hope that some of you will see a photograph that you enjoy and will sequentially purchase.  I think it's  important as a photographer and artist that we also collect other artists work and if not mine then someones else's. I am starting to have a decent collection of artworks already and will continue to collect new pieces every year.

By collecting several pieces I can then rotate them on the walls in my house and experience the same joy as when they were first hung.

Niels Henriksen


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