Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fine Art Print – Boat in Grass on Beach

This photograph is another image from my trip to Denmark. While the bicycle was taken in the large and historic city of Copenhagen. The image of the boat in the tall grass was taken on a secluded beach on the Isle of Mors which is situated within Jutland but is surrounded with salt water due to an opening on the west coast.

Denmark, especially on the Jutland peninsula jutting up from Germany, is mostly composed of sand and therefore relatively flat and low lying. This  creates wonderful long stretches of beaches and if there is not a lot of people traffic, then long swaying grasses reach down to the shore line.

Being an inland sea, with a short distance to the main part of Jutland, there is little fetch for waves to develop and erode the shoreline.

It was while I was doing my   8GB Walk-about Part 1 and 8GB Walk-about Part 2 as I called the article, that on a lonely stretch I found this overturned boat  in the tall grass.  It was the classic red color for boats but was definitely weathered and the bare wood of the hull showed through. I doubt it would ever sail again unless someone took the time to restore it.

While the boat is an anchoring point in the photo supporting interest is the swaying grass which helps to create movement within the photograph. By keeping it to B&W then the colors don't compete for other interest within the image.

This movement is hard to show in a web sized image but this is where a large print does justice to the sublet tones and movement of the grass.

Close-up of moving grass – 75% actual size

Hahnemuhle ‘PhotoRag’ Matte Fine Art Paper
Weight: 308 gsm
Paper size:11”x17”
Image Size 9 1/4” x 14″
Print Series No. 1,
prints made 5

Availability 4

Special price only for readers of My camera World   $100.

This price  is only available until 5:00pm EST Tuesday, 18 September, 2012

Shipping world wide $20.00 via regular mail. Contact for price request if faster delivery is required.

Send email request to Niels Henriksen Artworks

Niels Henriksen 


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