Friday, September 14, 2012

Fine Art Print - 'Fire Within'

Peonies provide wonderful opportunities for close-up photography with their delicate streamer like petals. Almost like flags waving in the breeze.

There was a soft warm glow within the centre of the flowers which may either be due pollen tinting or the stronger blue sky light on the outer petal tips when adjusted to more neutral whiter of the petal, causing the inner parts to become warmer with temperature adjustments.

Either way, I focused on this yellowish-orange color cast as the dominante part of the image, with its strong contrast found here. Since one primary color is the yellowish-orange I then ensured that the darker greyer background petal had a slight blue hue to act as a compliment with the yellow.
The Sugar Cane paper has a warm tone to further enhance the yellowish-orange tones.

Print Details

Hahnemuhle ‘Sugar Cane’ Fine Art Paper
Weight: 300 gsm
Paper size:13”x19”
Image Size 11” x 14″
Print Series No. 1,
Prints made 5

Availability  5

Special price only for readers of My camera World   $100.

This price  is only available until 5:00pm EST Friday, 21 September, 2012

Shipping world wide $20.00 via regular mail. Contact for price request if faster delivery is required.

Send email request to Niels Henriksen Artworks

 Niels Henriksen


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